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Movie Time!

Before heading to the theaters, check out reviews of movies to see if they are appropriate for kids. Here are some websites to visit:

Kids In Mind - A member based website, Kids in Mind enables adults to determine whether a movie is appropriate for them or their children, according to their own criteria. www.kids-in-mind.com

Motion Picture Association of America - The MPAA wants to help parents make informed decisions about what their kids are watching whether it's in the theater, at home or online. www.mpaa.org


Century Cinemas at Del Monte Center
280 Del Monte Center off Munras Avenue
Showtimes: Fandango.com

Resort Theatres Osio
350 Alvarado Street

Pacific Grove

Lighthouse Cinemas
525 Lighthouse Avenue
Showtimes: Fandango.com


Salinas Cinemas
350 Northridge Mall

Maya Cinemas Salinas 14
153 Main Street
Showtimes: Fandango.com

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